2011 Year End Issue articles

Roller Coaster Year

It has been quite a ride this year for Armenians of the world. We started out badly, what with the previous year ending with Kobe Bryant’s ill-conceived, money grubbing shilling for Turkish Airlines, the U.S. House of Representatives’ (USHOR) failure to even vote on H.Res. 252, and Obama’s recess appointment of Mr. Conflict-of-interest himself, Matt Bryza as U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan.

The Passing Parade…

Along the millennia that Armenia’s history has covered, a few decades can easily pass unnoticed; nevertheless, even a random assessment of crucial times would stop us in our tracks, and make us ponder with feelings of awe, sorrow or admiration the significance of certain years, months or days, that punctuate our nation’s recent history with specific stress.


The petroglyphs, or rock engravings, of Ughtasar can be found all over Yerevan; they are inscribed onto silver jewelry, painted onto coffee cups, traced into hand-made pottery, and they adorn the walls of cafes. Reaching the actual petroglyphs of Ughtasar (“ught” meaning camel and “sar” meaning mountain, due to the resemblance of its peaks to the humps of a camel) can be a bit of a challenge, and as with most of Armenia’s noteworthy sites this provides half of the trip’s excitement and intrigue.