2014 Special Issue articles

EDITORIAL: Resolving to Advance the Armenian Cause

2013 began and ends with conflict. Beginning with the election cycle in Armenia—presidential and municipal—which was marred, once again, with voter fraud and corruption to the Armenian government’s abrupt decision to join the Russia-led Customs Union, the ruling party in Armenia reinforced its grip on power by neglecting the population. One of the key threats

365 Days

BY MARIA TITIZIAN In the absence of faith and hope and belief living can often be dwindled away, becoming mundane, a chore, destroying the core of what we were meant to do or be to others as human beings. These past few weeks we have been in a deep winter freeze in Yerevan. Temperatures have

ARS Social Service Centers Assist Those in Need

The Armenian Relief Society of Western USA (ARS), Social Services division serves the needs of low-income community members. ARS clients have been new immigrants, refugees and the elderly, who have difficulties in accessing services due to language barriers and hardships in adjusting to their new lives. The offices help individuals and families by providing them

Turkish Attitude: A Chronology

BY GAREN YEGPARIAN The past year has been rife with intriguing developments on our Turkish (non-Azeri) front. So I realized it would probably be good to put those often-positive-seeming events in some context. Some 1,000 years ago, Turks arrived in Asia Minor— Anatolia and the Armenian Plateau. That’s when our interaction with them began. These