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WikiLeaks: Phillip Gordon Parrots Turkish, Azeri Position on Karabakh

“Resolving Nagorno-Karabakh is the key to unlocking Turkish-Armenian relations,” said Phillip Gordon during a July 3, 2009 meeting with 27 European Union political directors, as reported in a confidential cable released by Wikileaks and emanating from Stockholm on July 9 of the same year.

WikiLeaks: French Skeptical About OSCE Process, Say WikiLeak Cables

A high-level French foreign ministry official expressed skepticism about the OSCE Minsk Group process for the Karabakh resolution and cited the large Armenian community residing in France as a factor in that country’s inability to push forward a resolution, State Department cables published by WikiLeaks revealed.

WikiLeaks: MasterCard Endures Turks’ Wrath for Genocide Reference

The US Consulate General in Istanbul was forced to mediate when in 2005 Turkish authorities accused the credit card company of “Insulting Turkishness” after the credit giant published a visitor’s guide to Istanbul, in which it made references to Kurdish aspirations for independence and the Armenian Genocide, newly-published State Department cables leaked by WikiLeaks revealed.

WikiLeaks: Not All Quiet on the Turkey-Azerbaijan Front

The recent leak of State Department cables by WikiLeaks has shed some light on the ongoing insistence that Turkey and Azerbaijan are two countries but one nation. The documents revealed Azerbaijan’s President, Ilham Aliyev’s, displeasure with Turkish policies, especially the Turkey-Armenia protocols process. In an article published Wednesday in Today’s Zaman, Amanda Paul examines this relationship and what the documents show to be a fragile alliance between Turkey and Azerbaijan.

WikiLeaks Details Armenian Weapons Sale

When the trove of State Department cables were released late last month, we reported on a document that alleged Armenia had sold arms to Iran, which were used in Iraq to kill an American soldier and injure seven others. At the time, the State Department issued a terse warning and threatened sanctions against Armenia. Since this news was reported, both US and Armenian officials have downplayed the event and have stated that the revelation will not adversely affect US-Armenia relations. On Tuesday, a two-part article in Der Spiegel regarding US efforts to curtail weapons smugglers reported from the WikiLeaks documents, details Armenia’s role in the arms sales. The German Der-Spiegel is one of four media outlets that were given the entire cache of documents by WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks: The Impact of WikiLeaks on Armenia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan

ARF Political Director Giro Manoyan speaks to reporters in Yerevan about the political fallout in the South Caucasus of recently leaked secret US diplomatic cables, that among other things, reveal insights into Turkey’s frayed relationship with Azerbaijan and the United States, and Yerevan’s dealings with Washington on Iran