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A Respite, Some Good News

The last few weeks have not looked kindly on Armenians for the most part- court rulings, Azeri-oil-funded propaganda misrepresenting what happened in Khojaluh two decades ago, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s idiotic and embarrassing comments about the Genocide, etc.

Turkish Mouthpiece Voted out of Congress

In a major upset, Brad Wenstrup, a doctor who has never held political office, ousted seven-year incumbent Rep. Jean Schmidt, in a nail-biter GOP primary contest for Ohio’s second congressional district, local papers reported last night.

We’ll Sue! 2

In my year end piece last year, I predicted we’d be seeing a lot more action on the judicial front of our struggle. Little did I realize how right I could be.

We’ll Sue!

Yes, it’s time for our community to get into the litigious act! And fortunately, we’ve started to catch on. Pursuing our goals requires being open to all avenues that will advance our struggle. The courts, especially in the U.S. are a very good forum that has been, to say the least, underutilized by our community.

ANCA Announces 2010 Congressional Endorsements

The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) on Friday released its 2010 endorsements, throwing the political and electoral strength of the Armenian American community behind House and Senate candidates from across more than thirty states that have demonstrated a proven track record of support on issues of special concern to Armenian Americans.

David Krikorian Runs Valiant Congressional Primary Campaign

Armenian American Congressional Candidate David Krikorian – a staunch advocate of first amendment speech and an outspoken opponent of genocide denial – garnered 38% of the Democratic primary vote in Ohio’s second district – succumbing to baseless attacks by Republican incumbent Rep. Jean Schmidt and Democratic opponents, levied just days prior to the primary vote, reported the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA.)

Blood Money—This Oughta Get You Moving!

This week, we’re back to the local level with a Turkish twist. A group parading under the moniker of Pax Turcica has engaged in an effort to support, at least financially, Christine Essel, Paul Krekorian’s opponent in the December 8th Runoff Election LA’s 2nd District City Council seat.

Interview with FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds

In an exclusive interview with Khatchig Mouradian, Sibel Edmonds gives an overview of what has transpired in her case since 2007, with emphasis on her deposition in the Schmidt vs. Krikorian case in Ohio earlier this month