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‘Yalanci Dolma’ Diplomacy

Yes, it was a meeting, but not a “historic meeting” as posted by the Friends of Hrant Dink, the organizers of an academic event entitled “Closing the Divide.” The event was designed to build cultural bridges between the Armenian Diaspora on one side and the Turkish people on the other, to traverse a colossal gorge, not divide, created by centuries of slavery, abuse, colonization of Western Armenia, and pogroms, which peaked with the infamous genocide of 1915-23.

European Parliament Hosts Landmark Conference on Turkey’s Dersim Massacres

BRUSSELS (ArmRadio)–The European Parliament hosted last week a conference on the Massacres of Dersim, one of the many neglected slaughter campaigns orchestrated by the Republic of Turkey following the Armenian Genocide. The conference, held on the 70th anniversary of the massacres, highlighted the republic’s campaign in 1937 to eliminate Dersim’s local minority population, consisting of