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Armenia Losing Public Relations War to Azerbaijan

YEREVAN (Noyan Tapan)Armenia is losing its public relations war to Azerbaijan–announced Armenia’s National Assembly members during a press conference Tuesday–addressing their experiences during a four-day parliamentary conference organized by the European Parliament. The delegation participating in the conference held between January 26 and 30 in Strasbourg– explained that the Azeri upper hand in the PR

France Supports Azerbaijan’s Territorial Integrity

PARIS-The Karabakh conflict must be resolved quickly and peacefully without compromising the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan or undermining the autonomy of Nagorno-Karabakh– the press secretary of the newly-elected French co-chairman of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Minsk Group–Jacques Blott–told a Radio Liberty correspondent Thursday. De Trio said France has always been interested

Demirel Pledges Support to Azerbaijan

ISTANBUL – Turkish President Suleyman Demirel said that Turkey will stand by Azerbaijan at all future international negotiations during a New Year’s television interview–Istanbul-based Jumhuriyet and Turkiye newspapers reported. Responding to Azeri correspondent Ibrahim Nebioghlu’s questions–Demirel assured Azerbaijan that it occuppies an extremely important and exclusive place within Turkish foreign policy. "Reaching a just and