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Fall 2008 Haytoug Preview

Today, with the fall of the Soviet Union and an independent Armenian Republic, one of our leading concerns is finding ways to bolster our homeland’s statehood and development. Paramount in this concern is the need to ensure equality and a decent standard of living for the entire people of Armenia. Defending social justice and seeking

A Message from the Haytoug Editors

Envisioning and Ensuring a Just Future One of the reasons for our organization’s longevity has been our ability to adapt to the changes of our times–both in the US and the Armenian nation. In the era surrounding our creation, we focused on gathering the youth and keeping our sense of identity alive. As time went

In Talks with EU Caucasus Envoy, Tchoboian Echoes Calls for a Federated Georgia

BRUSSELS–The Chairperson of the European Armenian Federation (EAF), Hilda Tchoboian met on September 24 with the EU’s special envoy to the South Caucasus, Peter Semneby, for talks on the European Union’s policy on the South Caucasus. Tchoboian relayed to Semneby the concerns of Georgia’s disadvantaged Armenian minority, primarily concentrated in the southern region of Samtskhe-Javakheti