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Yerevan Asks OSCE to Respond to Azeri Threats

Armenia has complained to Europe’s top security and human rights watchdog that Azerbaijan’s military buildup is violating the ceiling set by the 1990 Treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe.

Pasadena ANC Meets with Interim Police Chief, City Plan Manager

Members of the Pasadena Armenian National Committee earlier this month met with the Interim Police Chief for the Pasadena Police force, Christopher Vicino and General Plan Manager, Jason Mikaelian.

Pitfalls and Possibilities: Armenian-Turkish Relations Explored

BIG PINES, CA–The past, present, and future of Armenian-Turkish relations were the focus of a three day seminar on March 20-22 that brought some 70 young Armenian Americans to the Armenian Youth Federation’s campgrounds in Big Pines, California. The seminar covered a broad range of issues related to the current push to normalize ties between

Turkey Frets Looming US Recognition of Genocide

Prospects are high for a US recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the incoming administration of president elect Barack Obama, a leading member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation said Tuesday, reiterating his party’s calls for Yerevan not to buckle under Turkish pressure by accepting a package deal that would see, among other things, the establishment of a joint study on the genocide in exchange for normal ties.

Azerbaijan: Military Option Still on the Table

BAKU (Combined Sources)–Azerbaijan’s leader has effectively disavowed an earlier understanding that the Nagorno-Karaback conflict can be resolved politically, leaving the militarily option once again on the table. In an interview with RAI International TV, while on a visit to Italy, President Ilham Aliyev said he remained optimistic about an “easy solution” to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

Open Letter to U.S. President-Elect Barack Obama

Being an Armenian of Canadian citizenship, I didn’t have the pleasure of expressing my respect and confidence by casting a vote for you, but I feel a certain spiritual satisfaction, when I recall that in my article published back in the September 18, 2008 issue of the Altadena, California-based Nor Or [New Day] Armenian-language weekly,