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Madam Speaker, Schedule a Vote on H.Res. 252

The 111th Congress will adjourn before the calendar year changes to 2011. The Honorable Nancy Pelosi will have the unique opportunity to end her term as Speaker of the House of Representatives with a strong moral stand.

[VIDEO] Musurlian Confronts Genocide Deniers Steve Cohen & Jean Schmidt

Depraved Genocide Denial on display in these two excerpts shot in Tennessee & Ohio by Peter Musurlian, for his Summer 2010 documentary, “Turkey’s Tools in the Heartland.” The interviews, from these excerpts, were shot and the overall piece was edited by the ever-so-talented Ara Soudjian, who produced longer videos for the 2008 & 2009 ANC-WR (Armenian National Committee-Western Region) banquets in Simi Valley & Pasadena, respectively. Mark Geragos, nationally-renowned Los Angeles attorney, is in rare form about 3 minutes into the video.

Former Diplomat Reveals Secret State Dept. Attacks on 1980’s Genocide Resolutions

A retired Foreign Service officer, U.S. Ambassador Arma Jane Karaer, recently revealed a series of shocking revelations about the State Department’s behind-the-scenes efforts on behalf of Turkey during the 1980’s to kill congressional initiatives commemorating the Armenian Genocide, according to now-public documents circulated today by the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA).

Week Three Of “Countdown To Erdogan” Targets Media

Midway into the month-long Armenian American grassroots campaign to encourage President Obama to personally confront Turkey’s Prime Minister with the facts of the Armenian Genocide during their December 7th White House meeting, the Armenian National Committee of America’s (ANCA) “Countdown to Erdogan” has come under heavy fire from a Turkish lobby that appears increasingly nervous about the impact that Ankara’s growing rift with Washington will have on U.S. complicity in its genocide denial campaign.

AYF Targets Corporate Complicity In Genocide Denial With Launch Of Chevron Protest Campaign

The Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) will join with Armenian Americans and human rights activists in kicking off a nationwide campaign to raise awareness about Turkish Government coercion of energy giant Chevron and some five multinational corporations currently lobbying against Armenian Genocide legislation.

What Armenian Americans Think about Obama

On May 12, I wrote an article titled “Obama Alienates Armenian Americans,” in which I presented the reaction of Armenian leaders and commentators to what the community views as the continuous stream of blows from the Obama Administration in recent weeks. In the two days following the posting of the article on the Armenian Weekly website, many readers posted their views on Obama’s “betrayals” and their suggestions about the road ahead.

French Senate Caves to Pressure, Blocks Bill Criminalizing Genocide Denial

PARIS–A bill criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide was blocked in the French Senate this week, following strong pressure on the French Legislature from Turkey to prevent the bill from becoming law. The bill needed approval from the Senate and President to become a law. The bill sponsored by the opposition Socialist party passed

Nalbandian Blasts Turkish Disinformation Efforts

YEREVAN (Combined Sources)–Armenian Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian Wednesday blasted the Turkish press for taking his recent statemen’s out of context and reaffirmed Armenia’s firm commitment to attaining international recognition of the Armenian Genocide as a foreign policy priority. “The recent publications in the Turkish press on the process of international recognition of the Armenian Genocide

Armenian Americans in Florida Take Part in Election Victory

Community leaders embrace the reelection of pro-Armenian congressional candidates BOCA RATON, FL–Armenian-Americans from the battleground state of Florida embraced not only the landmark victory of Senator Barack Obama, but also the victories of Congressional candidates endorsed by various Armenian-American organizations, reported the Armenian National Committee of Florida (ANC of Florida). "Our hard work has finally

Turkey Tells France to Not Intervene in Genocide Issue; Armenian Youth Mount Protests on Senate Steps

ANKARA/PARIS (Combines Sources)–The Speaker of Turkey’s Parliament, in a meeting Tuesday with a French Senator, urged France to not “intervene” on the Armenian Genocide. The “request” not to interfere came as French Armenian youth organizations announced they would stage a sit in at the French Senate every week to demand the passage of a resolution