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The State of the Diaspora

Once again, in collaboration with the Armenian Youth Federation, we are previewing the organization’s quarterly publication, Haytoug, by featuring some articles from the upcoming Spring issue. Haytoug is a magazine published by Ayf members and addresses issues of importance to Armenia’s from the keep perspective of our community’s youth. The spring 2009 issue can be

The Power of the Passionate Soul

  There comes a point in the life of every individual, a crossroads, where they must make a decision on how they will live their life. One path is a well paved and well traveled road of individual desires and selfish materialism; the other road is an uphill climb of selflessness and tireless work towards

‘The Blue Hour’ Screens At The La River

On October 23 Film Independent’s Project: Involve hosted a special screening of writer-director Eric Nazarian’s first film, "The Blue Hour" to a packed house at the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens. The screening was attended by community members and councilman Ed Reyes who acknowledged Nazarian’s efforts to "humanize" the river. After the screening, a