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Argentina and Uruguay Communities Welcome ‘Stone Garden’ Authors

Capacity crowds turned out at Armenian community centers in the capitals of Argentina and Uruguay to hear author-photographers Matthew Karanian and Robert Kurkjian present Armenia as an eco-tourism destination and to celebrate Armenian heritage.

Environmentalists Continue Fight to Save Lake Sevan from Toxic Mining Venture

Growing environmental concerns over plans by a Russian-owned mining company to build a gold processing plant near Armenia’s legendary Lake Sevan are prompting opposition to the project from some government officials, according to the head of an environmental NGO working to save the lake from additional contamination.

More Gold Deposits Found in Armenia

YEREVAN (RFE/RL)–A U.S. company mining gold and other non-ferrous metals in Armenia has announced the discovery of massive deposits which should significantly boost the country’s gold production in the coming years. The Connecticut-based Global Gold Corporation said this week it has “uncovered a significant gold and silver discovery” in the Tukhmanuk property in the central