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Once-in-a-Lifetime Extravaganza at the Nokia this Sunday, December 13

What will happen on Sunday, December 13, 2009, at the new Nokia Theater in the heart of Los Angeles, has never happened before. Call it an awards show. Call it a concert. Call it what you will, but you must also call it an extravaganza. A blockbuster.

AYF Scholarship Helps Send Future Pediatrician to University of Texas

Finishing up her senior year at Westside High School in Houston Texas, Tamar Abrilian is on her way to creating a bright future for herself, with the Armenian community deeply vested in it. Tamar recently became the 1st place scholarship winner of the Armenian Youth Federation’s Nanor Krikorian Scholarship, taking home $1,000 to use toward her higher education goals.

Bad News Ping-Pong

That’s what I feel like these days, a little white ball getting whacked back and forth. Summer began with the Gul invitation and possibility of an historical (coverup) commission. Then, the financial industry finally collapsed under the cumulative weight years of unsupervised (deregulated) brinkmanship by banks, other lenders, and their agents and middlemen’seeking to make