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Turkey’s Largest Newspaper Calls Obama-Biden Most Pro-Armenian Team in History

LOS ANGELES–Hurriyet, the largest circulation newspaper in Turkey, has described the Obama-Biden ticket as the most pro-Armenian in the history of U.S. Presidential elections. "As this Hurriyet article shows, it’s crystal clear to anyone paying attention –from Turks in Turkey to Armenian Americans in cities and towns across the United States–that the Obama-Biden ticket is

Armenians for Obama Meets with VP Nominee Senator Joe Biden

LOS ANGELES, CA–Armenia’s for Obama Chairmen, Areen Ibran’ssian, met with Senator Joe Biden during a fundraiser at the Pacific Design Center in the heart of Los Angeles. During the course of the meeting Ibran’ssian was able to discuss with the Senator numerous issues relating to Armenian-Americans as well as the work being done by Armenia’s