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Armenians for Obama Brief Senior Campaign Advisor on Nationwide Efforts

PHILADELPHIA, PA–Ramping up Armenia’s for Obama efforts in battleground states in the critical last weeks of the presidential campaign season, activists Nora Keomurjian and Karine Birazian updated Obama Presidential Campaign Senior advisor Valerie Jarrett about the group’s nationwide actions. The discussion took place earlier Monday at a "Pennsylvania Women for Obama" event held in the

New McCain Armenian Voter Outreach Fails to Outline Policy Positions

WASHINGTON–Senator John McCain Tuesday issued an open letter to Armenian American voters, seeking their support for his presidential campaign, but failing to outline his stands on core Armenian American issues, reported the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA). Tuesday’s letter, released by the McCain-Palin campaign, echoed the same themes as Senator McCain’s correspondence this February

Armenians for Obama Activists Rally Support in Nevada

GLENDALE, CA–Glendale area Armenia’s for Obama volunteers, working with the Obama campaign "sister-state" outreach efforts, shored up support for the Obama-Biden ticket in neighboring Nevada last Saturday ‘s a critical piece of the 2008 electoral map in the race for the Presidency of the United States. "Armenia’s for Obama volunteers have spent hours upon hours

McCain Efforts to Win Over Armenian American Voters Falls Short

WASHINGTON–Clearly concerned about the key role Armenian American voters are set to play in battleground states across the nation on November 4th, Republican nominee John McCain issued an open letter to the community yesterday in the hopes of garnering the support of this key constituency for his floundering presidential campaign. In only his second attempt

The Debate Must Go On

LOS ANGELES–The first presidential debate must go on as scheduled, announced Armenia’s for Obama, explaining that our country is at a critical turning point and the presidential debate is the best forum in which to address issues and show the American public where each candidate stands on issues–especially the economy. Sen. John McCain announced Wednesday