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Syrian President Remembers Armenian Genocide

DAMASCUS—The Ottoman Turks committed heinous crimes against millions of Armenians, Syriacs, and other groups under their rule, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on Wednesday, SANA reports. The President attended a ceremony organized by the Martyrs’ Sons and Daughters Schools Establishment in Damascus to honor the children of martyrs who followed in their fathers’ footsteps and

Prime Minister Says Armenia Ready to Host Syrian Refugee Children

YEREVAN—Armenia is prepared to host Armenian children and schoolchildren from Syria’s economic capital Aleppo, which has suffered heavy devastation in recent fighting, Armenia’s Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamian said on Thursday. The Prime Minister spoke about the situation in Syria and noted that Armenia has tried to assist Syrian Armenians who have had to flee their

Aleppo Under Fire As Fighting Continues

ALEPPO—Rocket raids and armed clashes continue in Syria’s economic capital Aleppo, targeting residential districts, the local Armenian newspaper Kantsasar reports in a Facebook post. Security concerns have added to the Aleppo-Armenians’ socio-economic plight. Inflation, unemployment and the national currency’s depreciation is a major challenge especially to big families. Despite the difficulties, the local Armenian societies

Turkish Mediation in Syria Talks a Mistake, says Israeli Official

Having Turkey mediate peace talks between Israel and Syria was a mistake that harmed relations between Ankara and Israel, a senior Israeli official said.

I Can’t Afford To Die

Some three years ago I was sitting in a doctor’s office – one of Armenia’s best oncologists and a very good friend of my mother – who was telling my mother how many people fail to visit a doctor because they know that they need an operation and cannot afford one. The doctor was explaining to my mother how many people in Armenia fail to pay prophylactic visits to the doctor because of financial issues or, once the doctor tells them they need an operation, patients never show up for an operation. According to him he has dealt with numerous cases when the family of the patient rushes in the sick with hemorrhaging or another grave condition – when he can no longer resist the illness or the calls of his family to undergo an operation – and they perform an immediate operation.

Hachikian Stresses Imperative for Unity Against Protocols at ARF Day Celebration

The event’s keynote speaker, Armenian National Committee of America Chairman Ken Hachikian,outlined the threats facing the Armenian nation as a result of the Armenia-Turkey protocols and the imperative for Armenian unity in opposition of these dangerous documents.

ARF Youth Mindful, Active and Determined, Says Santikian at ARF Day Celebration

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation marked its 119th anniversary during a celebration event organized by the Central Committee of the ARF-Western USA. More than 1,500 community members flocked to the Glendale High School auditorium to witness a resurgence of the ARF’s commitment to fight for justice and the rights of the Armenian nation. Speaking at the event on behalf of the youth, Arek Santikian, the chairman of the Armenian Youth Federation, reassured the community of the youth’s willingness and determination to carry out its traditional duty to be the vital force of change in society; to hold true to the core values of the ARF, and to struggle for the Armenian nation. Below are his remarks.

Former Diplomat Reveals Secret State Dept. Attacks on 1980’s Genocide Resolutions

A retired Foreign Service officer, U.S. Ambassador Arma Jane Karaer, recently revealed a series of shocking revelations about the State Department’s behind-the-scenes efforts on behalf of Turkey during the 1980’s to kill congressional initiatives commemorating the Armenian Genocide, according to now-public documents circulated today by the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA).

Israel Seeks Direct Talks With Syria

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Monday told the members of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that Israel is interested in direct talks with Syria over Turkish mediated negotiations, adding that his government would prefer Paris over Ankara in a situation in which a mediator is required, reported the Israeli Web site ynetnews.com.