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TEDxYerevan: Rich Goldman – Social Media: Engaging Geek-To-Geek

The vice president of Corporate Marketing and Strategic Alliances for Synopsys and CEO of Synopsys Armenia (the best company in the country as proclaimed by the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia in 2005), Rich Goldman’s current responsibilities include marketing communications, public relations, events, creative services, Web, executive speaking placement and preparation, community and employee communications, strategic alliances, university programs, interoperability and standards.

TEDxYerevan: Hans Gutbrod – Well Being and Happiness

Hans Gurbrod is the Regional Director of the Caucasus Research Resource Centers (CRRC), which has conducted multiple research projects, over many years, with a specific emphasis on gathering quality data on social, political, and economic developments across the Caucasus. Hans has been working, cycling, skiing, paragliding, researching and teaching in the Caucasus region since 1999 and holds a Ph.D. in International Relations from the London School of Economics.

TEDxYerevan: Raffi Kassarjian – Digital Brain Fill

Raffi Kassarjian is Chief Executive Officer of iCON Communications in Yerevan. He has had over 16 years experience in the technology industry. He also serves on the Board of the Union of IT Enterprises, and the Prime Minister’s Commission for the Development of Information Technologies. Priorto iCON, Mr. Kassarjian held several executive management positions at Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE:FICO). Prior to Fair Isaac, Mr. Kassarjian was part of Accenture’s Strategic Services group, advising Global 1000 companies in corporate strategy, new market entry, product and competitive strategy. He was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and lived for over 30 years in the US until he moved to Armenia in 2008.

TEDxYerevan: Michael Aram – The Outsider Perspective

An internationally recognized designer who has lived and worked in India since 1989, Michale Aram trained as a painter, sculptor and art historian, and has neatly applied his diverse background to the decorative arts. His work is also a celebration of craft and age-old handworking traditions. It is the enduring fusion of these ideals of

TEDxYerevan: Timothy D. Straight – Where Is Eurasia?

Born in the US, Timothy Straight has spent most of his life outside that country, in Norway for nearly two decades and in Armenia since 2000. After serving in Bosnia as leader of the Norwegian Peoples Aid office during the war, he came to Armenia and headed the Norwegian Refugee Council. He has and continues to design toys and handicrafts with Asian and Armenian craftspeople. He has served as the Norwegian Honorary Consul to Armenia since 2000 and the Finnish Honorary Consul since 2005. He was knighted by the King of Norway on September 6, 2010.

TEDxYerevan: Siemon Scamell-Katz – Persuasion and Influencing the Rational Decision Maker

The founder of TNS Magasin, the international shopper strategy consultancy, and Global Director of TNS Retail and Shopper Area of Expertise, Siemon Scamell-Katz has spent 17 years researching shoppers in their natural habitats throughout the world. His presentation is based on insights into shoppers, how they navigate and make purchase decisions and thus persuasion works. He will explore the broader implications on persuading people to think differently.