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Obama Should Forfeit Nobel Prize Until He Tells Truth on Genocide

sassounianIn his letter of November 20 to Armenian American organizations, Pres. Obama once again played shameful word games with the term genocide. At this point, one has to be incredibly naïve to believe that he is going to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide during the rest of his term in office.

International Conference on Lemkin Held at CJH

The Center for Jewish History On Sunday November 15 hosted an international conference titled “Genocide and Human Experience: Raphael Lemkin’s Thought and Vision,” featuring 13 internationally renowned scholars of both genocide and of the life and legacy of Raphel Lemkin.

New McCain Armenian Voter Outreach Fails to Outline Policy Positions

WASHINGTON–Senator John McCain Tuesday issued an open letter to Armenian American voters, seeking their support for his presidential campaign, but failing to outline his stands on core Armenian American issues, reported the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA). Tuesday’s letter, released by the McCain-Palin campaign, echoed the same themes as Senator McCain’s correspondence this February