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Putting People Above Profit: An Interview with Dr. Ara Khanjian

For its Fall issue, the Armenian Youth Federation’s Haytoug publication sat down with Dr. Ara Khanjian for a candid discussion on the socio-economic realities in Armenia and how the nation could overcome the challenges that have relegated many of the country’s population to a life of poverty and social inequality. Dr. Khanjian is a Professor

Turkish Foreign Minister Upbeat on Normalizing Ties with Armenia

ISTANBUL (DPA)–Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ali Babacan on Friday expressed optimism that long-running disputes between Turkey and Armenia, and Armenia and Azerbaijan can be resolved and that Turkey was determined to push forward in the interests of regional peace. "These two tracks could move fast because there is good political will," Babacan said at a meeting

Medvedev to Visit Armenia

YEREVAN (Armenpress)–Russia’s President will travel to Yerevan on Monday for a two day official visit with the country’s top leadership Medvedev’s trip will coincide with the disbursement of $10 million from Russia to implement a series of security projects on Armenia’s Nuclear Power Plant at Metzamor. According to the Director of Armenia’s Nuclear Power Plant,